Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Messy Bun Mohawk Tutorial


This past weekend was a rainy one in San Diego (yes, it rains in San Diego....sometimes) and I went with my go-to hair style, the Messy Bun Mohawk. The Hair Romance Blog has a good tutorial as well but its a little too perfect looking for my taste.  My friends are really impressed with this up-do, so when I tell them it's easy to replicate they are very skeptical. The skepticism helped motivate me to create my first mini tutorial.  The Messy Bun Mohawk is great for second day hair and keeps my strands out of my toddlers hands (he likes to pull) but at the same time helps make me look put together.  It stays secure all day and the messier it looks the better in my opinion.  

 Messy Bun Mohawk Tutorial
  1. Its great to start with textured hair but works with straight hair too.  You will need 10-25 bobby pins depending on the thickness of your hair (I use about 3-4 bobby pins per bun; I have fine medium thickness hair)
  2. Take a section of the top of your hair.
  3. Start twisting the top section.  Don't worry if its not perfect.
  4. Take the twisted section and create a bun by wrapping the section around itself.
  5. Tuck your ends underneath the bun.
  6. Secure with bobby pins.
  7. When the first bun is created and secured you can pull on it to give it more texture or make it bigger.  
  8. Take the next section and create another bun directly underneath the first bun by repeating steps 2-6.  Do this step another 2 times to create 4 buns total (you can create more or less buns depending on your hair or style you are going for)
  9. The end result from the back.  This style looks cute if you add a little volume in the front with a pompadour.  You can even add some rhinestone hair pins or pretty headband to dress up the style.  
First Gen Fam


  1. Love it! I will DEFINITELY try this one!

    1. I have even worked out with this hairdo. I think it will be perfect for you!

  2. i have really thin hair so befor i made the bun i teased it a little and it work great :)